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September 2020
Limited edition of 100
Hard-cover - perfect bound - slipcase.
7” x 9.5”
84 pages

ISBN 978-89-97605-49-1

Landfall is a limited edition book of photographs and poetry that explores themes of memory and personal history through an exploration of the islands off the coast of Maine.

My work explores how family and personal history is reflected in the landscape and in the objects that we imbue with meaning. In an island context these issues are condensed, as the history of each island has undergone often extreme change over relatively short periods of time. The sense of what has gone before is intensified and palpable in these isolated settings.

Each book is housed in a slipcase and includes an original 4 x 5 archive pigment print.

Island history is hard won.
Objects, telling stories of
repurposed usefulness,
are cherished
by chapped hands,
of generations past explaining.

Video: The making of Landfall

“Her poems are printed on reverse of a French-fold semi-translucent vellum pages, so reading the poetry is like experiencing words that are lost in a gentle fog. This hazy and indistinct fog is also common to the Maine coastline and adjacent islands in the off-season. Pages of her beautiful poetry are layered over equally lyrical black and white photographs that appear to be ghostly images situated in the distance behind her text. This is a brilliant metaphoric book design feature that creates multiple layers about the potential readings of her thoughtful narrative.”

— Douglas Stockdale, Photobook Journal.


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